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Peatr Thomas Artwork Commission

Peatr Thomas. Nēhiyaw (Swampy Cree).

Check out this video to get a behind-the-scenes look at the artwork commission from Peatr Thomas in the Katita Cafe at Qaumajuq, the new Inuit art centre!

This vivid and evocative mural tells a story of the earth’s renewal. A great turtle shell emerges from the depths to reflect the land on which we live. Thomas gives a fascinating narrative that adds power to the beautiful colours of the mural – the subtle shades of red and the black silhouettes of the sacred creatures that populate the land:

“The old story goes that in the beginning of creation, Mother Earth was nothing but water. The turtle and water creatures were here first. The muskrat swam to the bottom of the water, grabbed mud, and packed it onto the back of the turtle. Muskrat repeated this process over and over, creating what we now know is an island. On that island, plants and land creatures grew. This new home we call, Turtle Island, where you and I now stay.

In Indigenous culture, we are told that there will be a time of great change, Mother Earth cleansing herself, and people awakening to truths. A red sky is said to be the sign of its arrival at the time of the 7th generation.
With the red sky fading, a new sky rises. In this new sky we are guided by the ancestor spirits, the previous six generations, greeting us with love.”

– Peatr Thomas


2 thoughts on "Peatr Thomas Artwork Commission"

Cec Hanec says:

Love the design and colours.

Penni Livingston says:

Love that the artist causes us to reflect- a subtle means to help us save our planet and therefore the people of the planet.

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