Wellness @ WAG: Summer Sunset Yoga and Rooftop Pop-Ups

Authored by: WAG Staff on June 29, 2018

Take a deep, cleansing breath. Hold. Now let it out slowly, feeling it move out of your body. Let your body relax when you take a break and join us for yoga at the Gallery. Rejuvenate yourself through Sunset Yoga sessions on the WAG rooftop, just one opportunity to nurture your mental, physical, and emotional well-being this summer at the Gallery.

"We are all so busy these days," comments Rachel Baerg, WAG Head of Education and event coordinator. "Yoga and art similarly provide pathways to inner peace and well-being. Just as looking at art or creating art serves as a restorative experience, yoga and meditation programs also evoke inspiration, joy, and relaxation."

"Yoga purifies your body and mind," says Lorna Parashin, Yoga Public instructor and session leader. The WAG Rooftop is an added benefit. "The rooftop creates a natural, peaceful setting further connecting you to nature and the community." Sunset Yoga also features live music by Ali Khan. All yoga levels are welcome.

Sunset Yoga (July 13 and August 3) is part the WAG's summer Rooftop Pop-Up series. Find your inner sleuth, team-up with friends, and search through the galleries at The Great Scavenger Hunt on July 19, or dig out your can-can outfit, practice your vocals, and participate in the Moulin Rouge Sing-Along on August 10. With a rooftop cash bar for both events (weather permitting!), it's a fun night out under the city skyline. More details and tickets are available here.

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