Behind-the-Scenes: Summer with the Impressionists

Authored by: WAG Staff on June 6, 2018

The galleries have been transforming in preparation for your Summer with the Impressionists! What does it take to put together Manitoba's first major display of French Impressionism? Radovan Radulovic, WAG Head of Museum Services, gives you a view from inside the galleries.

WAG: Visitors will see big changes from INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE to Summer with the Impressionists. How did the exhibition space evolve?
Radovan: The design was collaboratively developed with the curator, Dr. Stephen Borys, consultant Gordon Filewych, graphic designer Mike Carroll, and myself. For this installation we constructed close to 100 feet of wall and the entire space was painted. Additional architectural details inspired by the 1850’s Palais Royal Salon were built in parts of the gallery to enrich the experience and capture the essence of the period.

W: What is the process of receiving priceless works of art from other galleries? Who arranges the logistics?
R: For Summer with the Impressionists the works travelled by truck directly from New York. Although, the entire exhibition could fit in one truck, the delivery was split into two trucks for safety reasons. The deliveries are, for the same reason, scheduled to happen on two separate days. Each truck has two drivers and is accompanied by a courier from the Brooklyn Museum.

W: How many people does it take to uncrate a typical work?
R: Each piece, unless it's particularly small, is handled by two people. Most pieces in this show require a minimum of two people to open the crate and handle the work.

W: What are you most looking forward to seeing completed when the exhibition opens June 16?
R: The thrill of seeing the visitors enjoying the show. Seeing the final project is also incredibly rewarding. Our prep team takes unbelievable pride in what we do and we try to make each exhibition installation a masterpiece. So many details go into each exhibition, colours and paint, labels, lights, etc. All these details need to work together to make the experience memorable for the visitor.

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  • I can’t wait to see the show! So many exciting things happening at the WAG. I love bringing friends, and especially out-of-town guests to the galleries.


    2018-06-06 17:17

  • Just returned from Europe where I saw exciting exhibitions in Vienna (the Belvedere - Klimt and Schiele) and Amsterdam (Van Gogh Museum - Van Gogh and Japan). Looking forward to this show which promises to be excellent. Proud of the Winnipeg Art Gallery and Winnipeg sponsors.


    2018-06-06 17:38

  • Just wanted to compliment the WAG on the superb job you're currently doing communicating with us online. I very much enjoyed the extended coverage of your Inuit and First Nations artists earlier in the year and and am now looking forward to this summer's exhibition of the Impressionists. Excellent idea to feature the important contribution of Museum Service staff here as well. Congratulations to all concerned.


    2018-06-06 17:48

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