Connection + Relationships Through Art

Authored by: WAG Staff on March 28, 2018

Film still of Dee Barsy via Ice River Films

Created from her memory and imagination, Dee Barsy's My Four Grandmothers, part of INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE, is about connection and relationships. While working on the piece, Barsy reflected on her relationships with her grandmothers and contemplated grief, loss, death, and reunification.

"This painting was created from my memory and my imagination. I am an adopted person, which means I have four grandmothers. In my painting, I reflect on these circumstances. I have selected contrasting and saturated colours to symbolize the diverse spirit of each of my grandmothers. I have tried to create four distinct entities; however, each entity appears related to the others," says Barsy.

The stunning, bright blue of My Four Grandmothers jumps out at you from the wall. It is an aerial view of relationships; touching and separated? Which configuration is Dee? Which configuration is her grandmother?

Barsy says, "In my work, I play with positive and negative space, for example, by building up layers and then taking away spaces. As a result, the complexity of the composition is comparable to my theme: the interconnected relationships between each of my grandmothers and myself."

Learn more about Dee Barsy and her artwork in a recent CBC Arts video here.

My Four Grandmothers is one of twelve commissioned works created for INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE, the WAG's largest-ever display of contemporary Indigenous art that considers political insurgency and cultural resurgence to radically shift our understanding of Canada, now and in the future. Activating the WAG like never before the exhibition runs until April 22, 2018.

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