Space and Place

Authored by: WAG Staff on January 3, 2018

This January you can explore the theme of space and place in the INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE exhibition by learning about the artists who examine the interconnectedness of land and the space around us. Deep within INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE hangs a large canvas on the north-west wall, entitled a gift from Doreen. For the Omaskêko Cree artist Duane Linklater, canvas represents a nomadic home, or “an icon of human habituation in the wilderness.” Here Linklater tells the story behind his piece:

We had a neighbour Doreen when we lived on the Nipissing First Nations. The teepee was up in her yard for many years, but a windstorm damaged it. She asked me to help her take it down. We folded it up. She picked it up and gave it to me unexpectedly. A beautiful gift. I stored it for many years, unsure of what to do with it until an exhibition last year. I decided really not to do anything directly to the canvas or material other than to hang it up, to show its history and use, to show its age and tie. Those seem like important things.

Linklater says the work transforms the exhibition area by bringing with it “knowledge, history, and lived experience to the space.” See a gift from Doreen first hand when you visit INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE, now on view.

And join us on January 16, 6-7:30pm, for an Architecture & Design Panel on Space and Place with Destiny Seymour, Tiffany Shaw-Collinge, David Thomas, Ryan Gorrie, Sebastien Aubin, and Michael Robertson. A Q&A will follow. The event is FREE; cash bar and snacks.

Artwork: Tiffany Shaw-Collinge. Trap Line Cabins, 2012; 2017. Collection of the artist.


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