Q+A with Teva Harrison

Authored by: WAG Staff on November 3, 2017

In-Between Days: Teva Harrison opens November 11 at the WAG. In this exclusive interview with the artist, find out how the exhibition came to be at the WAG.

Q: How did In-Between Days become an art exhibition at the WAG?

I was lucky enough to meet Stephen Borys on my first visit to the WAG. We had a conversation about how important it is to him that the WAG is a partner to Winnipeg’s many diverse communities. Our conversation turned to my book, and the opportunity it could create to foster dialogue around cancer, and using art to cope with a terminal diagnosis.

This is the first time the work will be displayed in a gallery and I’m excited to see how that dialogue will unfold. Will people engage the exhibition differently than they did the book or online comics? We will see when the exhibition opens November 11.

As an artist, this show is a dream come true. As a metastatic breast cancer advocate, I want to see people talking in every kind of venue. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I wish I could eavesdrop on each of your conversations — about the work, about illness, and wherever that takes you. Share your experiences on social media with #tevawag.

Join Teva in conversation Sunday, November 12 at 2pm when she presents In-Between Days: Using Expressive Arts to Cope with Advanced Cancer. A Q&A will follow. Talk is FREE; admission applies to view the exhibition. Presented in partnership with CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

Copies of Teva’s book are available at ShopWAG. The exhibition opens November 11 and runs until January 13, 2018. To learn more, click here.

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