Heart of Craft

Authored by: WAG Staff on October 31, 2018

Down to Earth: Homemade Soups in Handmade Vessels is a cookbook that pairs 20 ceramic artists with 20 chefs to benefit Winnipeg Harvest.


Art as Activism

Authored by: WAG Staff on September 28, 2018

General Idea. AIDS, 1988. Acrylic on canvas, silkscreened wallpaper. Winnipeg Art Gallery, Acquired with funds from the Eckhardt-Gramatté Foundation, G-92-191.

The 80s Image features about 50 pieces by local and international artists who helped define the decade. In this electrifying show, you'll find several rarely displayed artworks from the WAG collection.


Did video kill the art star?

Authored by: WAG Staff on August 30, 2018

The 80s Image curator, Andrew Kear, as Optimus Prime ca. 1985

Find out when The 80s Image opens on September 28.


In Focus: Morisot and Cassatt

Authored by: WAG Staff on July 27, 2018

Berthe Morisot's Portrait of Mme Boursier and Her Daughter (Portrait de Mme Boursier et de sa fille)

Take a closer look at the lives and work of Morisot and Cassatt who are featured in the WAG's Summer with the Impressionists. While they were denied entry to the Art Academy in Paris based on gender, Cassatt and Morisot pushed ahead to become leading figures in the Impressionist movement.


Wellness @ WAG: Summer Sunset Yoga and Rooftop Pop-Ups

Authored by: WAG Staff on June 29, 2018

Take a deep, cleansing breath. Hold. Now let it out slowly, feeling it move out of your body. Let your body relax when you take a break and join us for yoga at the Gallery.


Behind-the-Scenes: Summer with the Impressionists

Authored by: WAG Staff on June 6, 2018

The galleries have been transforming in preparation for your Summer with the Impressionists! What does it take to put together Manitoba's first major display of French Impressionism? Radovan Radulovic, WAG Head of Museum Services, gives you a view from inside the galleries.


Defying Convention: Curator Q+A

Authored by: WAG Staff on May 1, 2018

Defying Convention co-curator Paula Kelly sat down with the WAG to chat about the significance of the exhibition and the role of women in society.


Connection + Relationships Through Art

Authored by: WAG Staff on March 28, 2018

Film still of Dee Barsy via Ice River Films

Created from her memory and imagination, Dee Barsy's My Four Grandmothers, part of INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE, is about connection and relationships. While working on the piece, Barsy reflected on her relationships with her grandmothers and contemplated grief, loss, death, and reunification.


Gone but not Forgotten

Authored by: WAG Staff on February 27, 2018

Rivers' Driftwood Honours Missing and Murdered


Hunger Strike Sparks Visual Poetry

Authored by: WAG Staff on January 28, 2018

Tayna Lukin Linklater. The Treaty is in The Body, 2017. Film still.

How does a film with no audio relate to language? For Tayna Lukin Linklater, The Treaty is in The Body (2017) functions as a form of activism, “a series of reflections on Indigenous women’s work that consider treaty, family, and place.”


Space and Place

Authored by: WAG Staff on January 3, 2018

This January you can explore the theme of space and place in the INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE exhibition by learning about the artists who examine the interconnectedness of land and the space around us.


Bridging the past and the future

Authored by: WAG Staff on December 4, 2017

This month, we’re continuing to explore the theme of technology and how INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE artists weave together traditional knowledge with technology in their work.


Tradition + Technology

Authored by: WAG Staff on November 3, 2017

How does INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE bring tradition and technology together? Old and new are woven together in several of the artworks on view until spring 2018. Learn about the role technology plays by taking a closer look at some of these pieces, including in Tsema Ighara’s Ejideh: Push it!, an amplified caribou hide.


Q+A with Teva Harrison

Authored by: WAG Staff on November 3, 2017

In-Between Days: Living with Cancer opens November 11 at the WAG. In this exclusive interview with the artist Teva Harrison, find out how the exhibition came to be at the WAG.


The newly opened Iqaluit International Airport

Authored by: WAG Staff on September 29, 2017

Andrew Kear, WAG Chief Curator; Radovan Radulovic, Head of Museum Services, and WAG prep staff Serge Saurette traveled with artwork and installed pieces alongside Krista Zawadski, Government of Nunavut Curator of Inuit Art. Hear their thoughts on being involved in the airport installation.


Q & A with Dayna Danger

Authored by: WAG Staff on September 29, 2017

MASKS by Dayna Danger

You can explore different themes running throughout INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE, the WAG’s largest-ever exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art which opened September 22. Monthly themes range from technology to storytelling to language and more.



Authored by: WAG Staff on September 5, 2017

Kenneth Lavallee. Creation Story, 2017. Collection of the artist.

INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE is the WAG’s largest-ever exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art, extending from the main galleries to ceilings, stairs, and even outside!


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