Irvin Head

Irvin Head is a Metis man of Cree and Belgian ancestry. Irvin was born and raised in the small communities of Cranberry Portage and Flin Flon, in Northern Manitoba. He is currently self employed as a Traditional Carver and Artist.
Irvin has become known in the art community as a Master Carver. The mediums with which he works are; Alabaster, Pipestone, Soapstone, Antler and Diamond Willow. He has also been given consent from Elders to share with others his gift of Hand Drum making. Irvin has often been asked to, and has made many gifts for Elders in the communities he visits and also for many of the Aboriginal Leaders of today. Irvin has also become widely known as a very knowledgeable, yet humble teacher. This is exemplified by his many presentations and workshops he does for schools and organizations in Canada, also by his travels to do presentations and workshops overseas as well. He is always willing to share what he knows and also to learn more as he continues on his journey of healing.

As Irvin began his journey along this path, he discovered not only a great passion for carving and art, but as others told him, great skill as well. It appears as though the natural resources that Irvin works within are not being brought to life by him, but are instead bringing life to him. Within this, it seems that Irvin feels what is going to form out of the materials in his hands as it progresses. There are no preliminary drawings or sketches, only insight and vision as he works. It is because of this great gift that Irvin has been able to continue on his journey in a healthy and respectful way. This positive attitude about his art form comes from his deep respect for all that surrounds him.

Many who meet Irvin believe that the Spirits of our Grandfathers and Grandmothers are close to his heart.

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