Boreal Wildecraft


Fine Inuit Herbal Tea

Five different flavors from Nunavik, all in a useful assortment. Discover the rich inuit culture with these northern traditionnal herbal teas.

Arctic blend : This tea was used to treat stomach pain and gastric disorders. The great yellow color comes with strong conifer aromas.

Cloudberry : The amber infusion has a taste resembling maple. A unique and superb herbal tea, with typical and pleasant aromas.

Ground juniper : This golden yellow infusion has a camphorated taste with subtle lemon-mint aromas.

Crowberry : With its strong purple color, this infusion reveals fruity aromas. The taste is slightly acid and astringent.

Labrador : Without any doubts the most common herb tea in all inuit history! It was originally used to treat respiratory problems, bleedings, and almost any kind of pain.



The Wall Tea Infuser

The Wall™ keeps the herbs from your lips and allows you to enjoy an infusion of nature in your mug.   - Simple, Beautiful. Available in left and right handed cups.

Two sizes available: 310 ML and 440 ML

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