Larch Wood Canada

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Larch Wood Canada specializes in creating beautiful ‘end grain’ cutting boards handmade from Eastern Canadian Larch,. The end grain construction provides a tough yet forgiving surface with attractive grain patterns. Known for its ability to neutralize bacteria, the lumber at Larch Wood Canada is kiln dried which aids greatly in the boards' stability. Larch Wood boards are made to last a lifetime.


Round Cutting Board

A very attractive board for prep and presentation. Easily portable with a variety of hor d’oeuvres or your favorite cheeses yet still having the renowned durability of end grain for chopping.
This round board measures 14 1/2″ in diameter x 1 5/8″ thick and weighs:  6.5lbs

Soft rubber feet are attached with stainless steel screws on the bottom of the board. We use them for 3 reasons:

So your board won’t slide on the countertop
It makes it easier to pick up
Prevents moisture from being trapped under the board.


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