Bee Kingdom

Calgary, Alberta

Bee Kingdom Glass is a collaborative studio collective based in Calgary, Alberta. Ryan Fairweather, Tim Belliveau, and Phillip Bandura met at the Alberta College of Art and Design and built their own glass studio in 2004. The studio specializes in unique, low volume glassworks that are known for its vibrant colour palettes and subject matter. The studio's practice is artful in nature versus the mass production of the factory tradition. Each artist has his own body of work but team also works together to design particular works as well as assist each other no matter what the design.



The Royal Scotch

Bee Kingdom presents the popular Royal Scotch a glass, a handmade glass featuring a wax seal-inspired crown medallion in "silver crystal" glass. Due to the handmade nature of glass each one is unique with subtle variance in dimensions. The metallic\iridescent surface of the medallion will differ from glass to glass.


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