Wendy Lee

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Professional artist Wendy Lee has lived in Yellowknife, capital city of the Northwest Territories for more than a decade. Born and educated in Toronto, Wendy spent her early years working as a commercial artist and illustrator. Since her twenties Wendy has traveled worldwide and lived for a time in Taos, New Mexico before being drawn to Canada’s majestic north. During her travels she has studied and been influenced by the art of many different cultures. Although proficient in several mediums, Ms Lee chooses to primarily focus her attention on the ancient Chinese art of silk painting. Wendy uses the traditional techniques but combines it with the images and colours from her own cultural experiences.

Under her company name of Silkwinds, Wendy produces a striking line of hand painted silk scarves in several different sizes and numerous designs. She stresses that this technique should not be confused with the more mechanical silkscreen process and that each of her scarves are hand drawn and hand painted originals. Although sold as wearable art, many customers have framed her works to b enjoyed every day on the walls of their homes and offices. When she manages to catch up with her “never-ending” orders, she creates one-of-a-kind originals, usually in much larger sizes. Many of her originals are commissioned by those familiar with Wendy’s artistic flair.


Hand-Painted 100% Silk Scarf

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