Kami Goertz

Winnipeg, Manitoba

My name is Kami and I am a student-mother-crafter-thrifter who loves to create, collect and share. I come from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada which is in the centre of the centre of the North American continent. Its flat, cold, dry, hot, humid, temperamental and totally inspirational.

I have been arting and crafting since I could hold a pencil and was nearly born at a garage sale (literally!). Inspired by the open spaces around me, the music my boyfriend creates and the chaos of life with a child in the house, I try to find cleverness in all the little things.

All of my reclaimed fabric and vintage fabric creatures are one-of-a-kind. I do not use patterns to create them so there will never be two the same! They are hand and machine sewn and are perfect for children over 3 as they are made with small parts.

Kami Goertz



Handcrafted original fibre mountain.

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