Helga Schulte-Schroeer

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Growing up on a bio-dynamic farm in Germany I learned to appreciate the abundance and beauty of nature - provided freely at the price of hard work.

Fibre work was an integral part of my upbringing and I learned to manipulate wool from my grandmother at the early age of three. I took an immediate liking to the endless possibilities of the material and have worked with it ever since.

Aside from 9 years of running a farm in Southern Manitoba, I earned a living in the social field. Throughout this time I always had fibre projects on the go and taught myself through experimenting and sharing with other fibre enthusiasts.

Most of my wool is sourced locally. I like to meet the producers - farmers as well as sheep, that is...

I am no stranger to the Winnipeg craft scene, having run the Prairie Craft Gallery (Portage and Main Concourse) for 3 years from 1987 to 1989 before moving to Vancouver.

Helga Schulte-Schroeer-Fibreartistry


Felt wool dryer balls

The Blues - ecofriendly and sustainable and handmade.


Silk Felt Scarves

Pictured second and third from the top of the assortment. Sold individually.



Wool Bowl

Handcrafted 100% wool.


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