Kevin Conlin

Wawanesa, Manitoba

Kevin is a dynamic ceramic artist and instructor who has shown his work extensively over the years. As an artist and amateur paleontologist he draws inspiration from the fossils he excavates and uses the textures, forms, and colours enocuntered to creat exciting life-filled forms that both remind us of our past and hint at the future. In exploring the evolution of these ancient species, he is inescapably drawn into exploring our own human evolution.

Born and raised in Manitoba, Conlin is recognized in the palentological world for his independent amateur contributions. He has worked extensively in the field, collecting fossils for museums such as the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Canadian Museum of Natural History, Manitoba Museum, Nova Scotia Museum, and the Tyrell Museum, to name a few. The fossils he collect in turn fuel the creation of his large sculptural vessels and architectural ceramics.

He began his ceramic training at the University of Northern Arizona and finished at the University of Regina, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts. He then went on to work and teach for the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Red Deer College and Brandon University. Presently he works for and teaches at The Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, while continuing to work on growing his own portfolio of work. 

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