Hannun Lyn

Toronto, ON

My work is a blend of delicate art and the functional object.  I am  continaully exploring the duality of the material. Historically, porcelain  has been used as a material for the functional object, more contemporary artists and artisans have begun to use the medium for conceptual self expression.   I choose both.

I work solely in pure white English porcelain because it is the clay that I understand best and feel most connected to.  At times it is unforgiving but it's qualities of pure whiteness, fragility, strength and translucency are, for me, hypnotizing.  The porcelain draws me in and is a continual exercise in thought, awareness, and presence.


Celadon Meditation Bowl

Purchase Price: $275.00


Pierced Celadon Tea Bowl

Purchase Price: $55.00 each

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