Find unique handmade gifts by Manitoban and Canadian artists. Visit our two locations: Gallery Shop at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and WAG@The Forks in Johnston Terminal. Enjoy complimentary gift wrapping!

Renovation Sale
As part of construction of the WAG Inuit Art Centre, the Gallery Shop is getting an upgrade too! Come 2020, you’ll see a brand new storefront with an expanded floor plan. Renovations start in March and in the meantime, everything at our Memorial location is on sale. You’ll find discounts from 40 to 70% off on books, stationary, games, fashion, jewellery, and even art! But hurry, these deals are only on this month. Beginning March 1, the Gallery Shop will open a pop-up location on Level 3.

Gallery Shop
300 Memorial Boulevard

Tues-Sun, 11am-5pm; Fri, 11am-9pm

WAG@The Forks 
25 Market Road

Mon-Sat, 10am-9pm
Sun, 10am-6pm

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