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Aaron's Story

I’ve been working as a teacher at Arthur E. Wright Community School for five years now. The K-8 school in the Maples area serves many students who are new to Canada alongside those who grew up in our community.
As an educator, there is a lot I can do to help new Canadians experience what our city and country are all about, and to support them in learning about their new cultural surroundings, which benefits the whole class. The WAG plays an important role for me in this work.

In my first year of teaching, I took my grade seven and eight students on a field trip. During our time, we were asked not to touch anything. The kids were less engaged, and the experience was disappointing.
A few weeks later, we came to the WAG. I was struck by the contrast. Everything we did was so interactive, lively, and hands-on. Since then, I have been bringing my classes to the WAG annually for tours and workshops.

Each time we visit, the facilitators start real discussions with my students by talking about art. As teachers we guide kids to develop their own views of the world. The WAG gives them a lens on which to focus and expand further.

I use the Gallery as an extension of my classroom for various subjects. When learning about the Arctic, for example, we watched videos in class on Inuit printmakers, like Andrew Qappik. Then at the WAG, students were able to handle materials directly tied to life in the North: seal skin, different types of stones, and ulus.
On some visits, students built their own inuksuks, and once, we made prints similar to Andrew Qappik’s to take home. This gives students many entry points to learn. After years working with the WAG, I can attest to how effective art is as a teaching tool.

I support the Winnipeg Art Gallery because it enriches my life and keeps things in perspective.

I’ve had many inspiring dates with my partner at the WAG. My kids love the WAG. I have so many great memories of bringing classrooms and students to the WAG. It’s just one of my favourite things about living in Winnipeg. And I bet it’s one of yours too. Please join me in championing the WAG as a vital learning space for the entire community to enjoy.

Aaron Levere
Teacher and WAG Supporter


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Each year, over 20,000 young people visit the Winnipeg Art Gallery for transformative art education and programming. Your donation will go to work immediately, helping connect children and youth to powerful learning experiences.

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