Coming to a stop near you – Nakatamaakewin: Bringing art to you!

Celebrating the WAG’s world class collection of Inuit art at Qaumajuq, this exhibition offers an exciting selection of original prints, textiles, stone sculptures, and audiovisual stories shared by Inuit voices, that will allow visitors of all ages to experience a greater understanding of Inuit art and culture, the land, and its people. And the best part is…we are bringing art to you!

Nakatamaakewin was a name gifted to the mobile exhibition by Red River Metis Elder Verna Demontigny. It means “to leave something behind” in Michif, the language of the Red River Metis Nation. Elder Verna said it is symbolic of the teachings that the artwork will bring to the community, as it will leave knowledge behind at each community and place that it visits.

This unique and fully accessible mobile exhibition will travel across Manitoba this June through September 2023 to bring an inspiring collection of Inuit art directly to your community events. Take a look at last year’s activity booklet here.

Space required to host this exhibit includes a large parking spot for the vehicle and space for a 10’x10’ tent, where tables and chairs will be set up for learning experiences. Multiple configurations are possible.

We can’t wait to connect you to the new WAG-Qaumajuq!



Hear from artist Kale Sheppard:


See last year’s Nakatamaakewin activity booklet below!




Make a Stencil Print!

Learn about print making and follow the steps here to create a beautiful project!



Pronounced: na-kah-tah-MAA-kaywin
Language: Michif
Meaning: “to leave something behind”
Symbolic: The artworks in the van will be bringing their teachings and will leave behind knowledge in the different communities it travels to.


• Target audience – School groups and community members of all ages
• Installation and packing is included
• Two guides will be present for all visits
• Art exhibit, activity booklet, workshops, and support content included

Health and Safety: The program is designed to be flexible and adapt to various health and safety guidelines determined by the Manitoba Government. Program plan will adjust according to regulations.

Please inform the Learning & Programs Administrator if you have any health and safety concerns/requirements.

In case of rain of extreme heat, you are welcome to assign an alternative room or space for groups to gather and learn in as participants wait for their turn to walk through the truck exhibit. If you do not have an alternative space, there is a risk that the event will be cancelled due to adverse weather.


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