Through the Eyes of a Child

Our annual celebration of children’s artwork, comprised of myriad pieces of work involving clay, paint, pastels, recycled materials and more! Approximately 800 young artists, ranging from 5 to 17 years of age, create in our studios under the guidance of professional artists/instructors throughout the fall and winter each year.

These students come to us to from all areas of the city and beyond, to hone their artistic skills and nurture their creative spirits. Some come to public programs, others to programs sponsored by local school divisions. Some are awarded scholarships funded by the Volunteer Associates to the Winnipeg Art Gallery, and other generous donors, who want to ensure that children interested in art have the opportunity to study at the Gallery.

Through the Eyes of a Child offers a glimpse of the variety of projects they work on, displaying the dynamic energy that flourishes in our Studio Programs. Only a small portion of what is produced is showcased, but the magical effect of a large space animated by the energetic markings of youthful creativity can not help but immerse you in a sense of wonder, and bring a smile to your face.

Exhibition supported by Great-West Life, Winnipeg School Division, and the Volunteer Associates of the Winnipeg Art Gallery.



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