Goota Ashoona, The Story of Nuliajuk, 2009

Ningeokuluk Teevee, Sea Goddess, 2010

New Art from Cape Dorset

This exhibition features drawings and sculptures created by second- and third-generation Cape Dorset artists in recent years. Eleven original drawings are by Ningeokuluk Teevee (b. 1963) and Tim Pitsiulak (b. 1967), two young artists who are causing much excitement among collectors. Since 2004, Teevee has been creating drawings that explore the relationship between abstraction and representation, particularly the interplay of patterns found in nature. Pitsiulak came to public notice in 2005 with a lithograph, Caribou Migration, that was included in the Cape Dorset annual print collection. His drawings are realistic depictions of modern subjects that are often angled or run off the edge of the page. Both artists have recently been creating large-scale drawings, such as Teevee’s Sea Goddess which is five feet wide.

Sculptures in the exhibition have been acquired in recent years and are by artists who are expressing personal interests and concerns. Goota Ashoona (b. 1967), daughter of Kiugak Ashoona, often interprets female imagery, such as the sea spirit Nuliajuk. Goota’s son, Joe Jaw Ashoona (b. 1989) has used abalone in his whale bone sculpture as a memory of a exchange trip he made to Haida Gwaii in 2009. Jamesie Pitseolak (b. 1968) is interested in machines, particularly the motorcycle, and the WAG’s Chopper was carved in 2007. His sculpture, Horse Shoe, is part of a series of visual puns he created in 2007–08.

This exhibition is part of The Collection on View, six galleries featuring works from the WAG's 24,000 piece permanent collection.


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