Wanda Koop Exhibition and Hybrid Human Dance Performance Featured at WAG’s Art After Dark

End your week—or start your weekend—at the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Art After Dark from 8 to 11pm on Friday, October 22. Meet your friends for drinks, munchies, and the music of DJ Dlo. Tickets are $25 at the door or through Ticketmaster.

When you’ve unwound a bit, head up to the galleries where the real excitement starts. Join artist Wanda Koop and curator Mary Reid for a tour of the exhibition Wanda Koop…On the Edge of Experience and discover what inspires one of Canada’s foremost artists. Learn about Inuit shamanism and legends in a tour of Kiugak Ashoona: Stories and Imaginings from Cape Dorset. Then enjoy a performance of Hybrid Human which combines Koop’s painting, video projection, and the contemporary dance of choreographer Jolene Bailie.

“If you were one of the 4,600 people who had a blast at our Nuit Blanche on September 25, then Art After Dark is for you,” says Special Events Co-ordinator Doren Roberts. “It’s got music, art, dance, everything you could want for a great evening!”

Wanda Koop…On the Edge of Experience • For almost three decades, Koop has explored how modes of technology impact nature. Her recent work centres on how we view life through screens—computer, cell phone, television, movies—all of which filter information and determine how we make sense of our world.

Hybrid Human • Performed by six dancers, this work is an exploration of the constructed notion of robots and ideas around the disembodied experience, consciousness, creativity, alien intelligence, and artificial life.

Kiugak Ashoona: Stories and Imaginings from Cape Dorset • Growing up on the land, the shamanic world was a very real part of Kiugak Ashoona’s life. His family history includes the presence of many notable shamans. The fascinating tales of the shamans and great spirits and their interactions with the human world form the iconography of his artwork.



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