WAG Art Instructors Celebrated in Exhibition

The Studio Programs of the Winnipeg Art Gallery is the largest of its kind in Canada offering a variety of art classes for people of all ages and levels. Committed to providing excellence in art instruction, classes take advantage of special tours of current exhibitions, creating a link between the art exhibited in the galleries and the art created in the classrooms.

All instructors have degrees and/or diplomas from universities or art colleges. Many have master's degrees or additional certification in education, and most work in private studios.

“Most of our instructors have been with us for many years,” says Art Educator Michael Boss, Head of Studio Programs. “They bring to their work a wide range of experience and backgrounds as members of artist-run centres, actors, administrators, and designers. All these skills go into their teaching and their ability to connect with the students, to convey their knowledge, and to bring out their students’ artistic best.”



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