December 19, 2017

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Province Announces Heritage Preservation Partnership

The Manitoba government is strengthening its support for heritage organizations across the province with funding for two major capital projects and the creation of a new endowment fund for smaller organizations, Sport, Culture and Heritage Minister Cathy Cox and Municipal Relations Minister Jeff Wharton announced today.

“We have heard a strong call for greater investment from our heritage organizations across Manitoba,” Cox said during the announcement at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada.  “We are pleased to announce support for two Winnipeg institutions, which will help them attract visitors to the province and grow our economy, and we’re also pleased to create a new partnership to provide stable, long-term funding for Manitoba’s museums and archives for many years to come.”

The province announced up to $20 million for two projects in Winnipeg, which have undergone assessments to ensure they meet criteria for return on investment and value for money.

The province will contribute $8.75 million this year to the Royal Aviation Museum as part of its $45-million project on Winnipeg Airport Authority property, with another $1.25 million available next year if private donation targets are met.

The province will also contribute $10 million over five years to the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Inuit Art Centre, a proposed $65-million programming hub to celebrate Inuit art and Indigenous cultures through exhibitions, research and education, and house studio art and learning programs for students including marginalized youth.

The province also announced a new program to support small and medium-sized museums and archives throughout Manitoba.  The new Heritage Trust program provides $5 million over three years to create endowment funds within local community foundations for Manitoba museums and archives.  The Heritage Trust program will provide a maximum of one provincial dollar for every two private dollars raised by qualifying heritage organizations. The program will create an incentive for communities to develop an endowment pool worth up to $15 million to support heritage projects across Manitoba.


“Just as major attractions are important to our province, so are our smaller museums, archives and heritage organizations that carefully preserve our history and provide educational opportunities to visitors,” said Wharton.  “We are working with heritage organizations and community foundations across the province to create stable, long-term funding to maintain these important community infrastructure assets.”

The province will enter into a three-year agreement with The Winnipeg Foundation to work with Manitoba’s other 54 community foundations to administer the program.

“This new initiative is an exciting breakthrough because endowments provide sustainable funding that can be counted upon year after year,” said Rick Frost, chief executive officer, The Winnipeg Foundation.  “The Heritage Trust program provides a unique opportunity for those wishing to support the preservation of Manitoba’s rich history.”

The ministers noted that Manitoba has nearly 200 museums and 36 archives, with about 75 per cent located in rural areas and 175 with charitable status.


“The Province of Manitoba’s commitment to the Inuit Art Centre is a major step forward.  The centre will create jobs and training opportunities, boost tourism and economic investment, while enhancing education and cultural understanding.  We thank the province and look forward to working with the government and the community to ensure the WAG continues to serve all Manitobans using art to connect, inspire, and inform.” – Dr. Stephen Borys, director and CEO, Winnipeg Art Gallery.

“We’d like to thank the provincial government for making this a very special day in Canada’s aviation history.  Our new museum will be a showcase for the province and will create a positive impression for travellers arriving at James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.  The museum will tell the stories of early aviation, showcasing our renowned collection of bush planes and will be a signature cultural attraction in our community, offering a window into the future of aerospace.  This funding is a welcome spark to move our project a big step forward.”
– Helen Halliday, president and CEO, Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada.

“The Association of Manitoba Museums welcomes the Manitoba government’s investment in the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada as these wonderful organizations are two keystones in our sector.  The AMM applauds the provincial government’s groundbreaking incentive program for community support of local museums and archives.  This investment will support our local volunteers, foster community engagement, and will help ensure the longevity and sustainability of our heritage organizations across the province by encouraging investment in local heritage organizations by Manitobans.” – Thomas McLeod, president, Association of Manitoba Museums Council.

“I would like to commend the Manitoba government for contributing in a creative and long-term way to the stabilization and development of museums in the province.  I have been promoting the same concept to the federal government of a matching-donations program to stimulate philanthropy for the museum sector.  Manitoba is showing leadership today.” – John G. McAvity, executive director and CEO, Canadian Museums Association.

“The creation of a Heritage Trust program that includes Manitoba archival institutions is indeed positive news.  We are excited about the possibilities presented by this contribution to the
long-term sustainability of the archival community.” – Heather Bidzinski, chair, Association for Manitoba Archives.



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