WAG Stops Time with Harold Edgerton Photography Exhibition

Winnipeg, Manitoba, October 18, 2016: The Winnipeg Art Gallery is pleased to present, for the first time, photographs by American engineer Harold Edgerton. Acquired by the WAG from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Archives, the collection showcases Edgerton’s skill at capturing images that challenge what and how we see. The Man Who Made Time Stand Still: The Photographs of Harold Edgerton is on now and runs until spring. 

“An innovator who pushed technological boundaries, Harold Edgerton encompassed the spirit of art challenging limits,” states Stephen Borys, WAG Director & CEO. “Edgerton was a pioneer in his field and the WAG could not be happier to feature the amazing photographic results of his scientific experimentation.”

Known in photographic circles as ‘Papa Flash,’ Edgerton’s photographic strobe light experiments at MIT in the 1930s led to the invention of a new flash device that captured stillness in motion, transforming moments that occur in the blink of an eye into events worth seeing. After the Second World War, the photographer who National Geographic magazine called “the man who made time stand still” turned his camera and strobe light to recording liquid droplet formation, the impact of a bullet on a variety of objects, and the physical movements of animals and athletes. Alongside the imagery of consumer culture and scientific wonder popularized in the 20th century, Edgerton’s photographs of arrested motion are energetic and immediately relatable.

“Edgerton’s photographs are the combined result of laborious experimentation, insatiable curiosity, and a heartfelt belief in having fun with science,” states Hannah Keating, the CMA Shirley Thomson Curatorial Intern and WAG guest curator. “Whether capturing the elegance of a splashing drop of milk or the frenetic energy of a tumbling gymnast, they offer unique perspectives on everyday phenomena.”

Exciting programs are being offered in conjunction with the exhibition. Guided drop-in tours (included with Gallery admission) are scheduled on November 27 and December 11; with more dates planned in the new year. The March 8 Art for Lunch will feature a Curator’s Tour with Andrew Kear, WAG Curator of Historical Canadian Art. To view all programming details, visit wag.ca.

The WAG is grateful to Angela and David Feldman, the Menkes Family, Marc and Alex Musso, Tory Ross, the Rose Baum-Sommerman Family, and Shabin and Nadir Mohamed for the gift of the Harold Edgerton collection.

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