WAG Creating Salon Evenings for Local Artists


WINNIPEG, MB. September 22, 2009: Artist Andy Warhol once said that everyone would, sooner or later, have their own 15 minutes of fame and that’s what the Winnipeg Art Gallery is offering to city artists through their new program 15 Minutes. This free, ongoing series of artist salon evenings takes place the first Thursday of every month, beginning October 1. Admission to 15 Minutes is free.

“This is an opportunity for artists to get their work out there; to present, discuss and get feedback about their practice in an informal and friendly atmosphere,” says Anna Wiebe, Associate Art Educator. “We are inviting artists to bring in some examples of their artwork to discuss with other artists in the community. This will be an opportunity to “show and tell” us what they are up to, and to see what others are doing.”

“You don’t have to be a practicing artist to enjoy 15 Minutes,” adds Michael Boss, Head of Studio Programs. “We invite anyone with an interest in art to come out, join the discussion, and see what Winnipeg artists are creating.”

Submission details. Please email art-educator@wag.ca with the following information. If you do not have access to email, please call 789.0516. 15 Minutes is limited to four artist presentations per evening, so submit early.

• Name and phone number
• All presenters must submit three images in advance (digital or hardcopies) of the artwork they wish to present. Images may be emailed to the above email address. Hardcopies/photographs must be dropped off at the front desk in an envelope addressed to 15 Minutes.
Detail any audio-visual requirements needed to show your work (i.e. PowerPoint, projector screen, slide projector, easel, DVD player)



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