Textures And Technique Showcased In Inuit art Exhibition Open At The WAG

Extraordinary artworks shaped by scarce materials
Textures and technique showcased in Inuit art exhibition open at the WAG

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – December 19, 2013: The WAG’s new exhibition From the Land: Materials & Message in Inuit Art features wall hangings and sculptures that interpret a range of subjects from traditional camp life to arctic animals and the spirit world using a variety of media and artistic techniques. It will run December 14-June 8, 2014.

“This exhibition reveals the innovative use of a wide variety of organic materials, in addition to stone, to give artistic interpretations of subjects from everyday life, the natural and spirit world, and shamanic ritual,” says Darlene Wight, Curator of Inuit Art at the WAG.

One of the fascinations of Inuit sculpture is how the often scarce materials available have been shaped into extraordinary artworks. Some communities have only small deposits of stone, a medium commonly used by Inuit artists, and so artists must often resort to the use of organic materials from animals. Netsilingmiut artists from Taloyoak, such as Karoo Ashevak, have become known for their creative use of ancient whalebone left on the tundra by their predecessors. Antlers, shed each autumn by caribou, are a common material for carvers such as Chesley Nibgoarsi in the Kivalliq region.

The artworks on display depict a variety of subjects ranging from narrative traditional camp life scenes to arctic animals and the spirit world. Included is a distinctive wall hanging incorporating antler, beads, and caribou skin by Martha Ikiperiak Eekerkik of Arviat as well as fabric collage hangings by renowned Baker Lake artists Jessie Oonark, Elizabeth Angrnaqquaq, and Marion Tuu’luq.

Looking North Family Sunday Program: Sunday, February 2, 1:30-4:00pm, $10 per family Celebrate the Canadian North at the WAG!  Discover and explore the traditions and art practices of artists from Winnipeg to the Arctic.   Enjoy inspiring art workshops and games, immerse yourself in a fascinating multi-channeled film presentation from Iceland, and check out an exciting surprise rooftop installation (don’t forget your parka!) It’s fun for the whole family!

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