WAG Exhibition Celebrates Relationship Between Math + Art

Winnipeg, MB, Dec 5, 2013:  Most of us are not naturally inclined to think about mathematics when looking at a work of art, yet the disciplines of math and art have been inextricably linked throughout history. Visitors will have the chance to explore this exciting concept with Math + Art, opening December 7 at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

This exhibition, featuring over thirty prints, paintings, and sculptures from the WAG’s permanent collection, celebrates the fascinating and ongoing relationship between mathematics and visual art.

From the surreal juxtapositions of Salvador Dali to the grid-inspired conceptual art of Sol Le Witt; from the towering block structures of Kazuo Nakamura to Bertram Brooker’s drawing of a four-dimensional tesseract, this interactive exhibition offers an inspiring variety of work that challenges the mind and delights the senses.

Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with specific works in the exhibition through a series of fun and challenging interactive Math + Art cards exploring three mathematical themes: Shape and Dimension, Number and Relation, and Symmetry and Pattern.

“In light of the recent articles that positions Manitoba students as being below the global average in math, I hope this show will inspire students and reveal new ways of understanding, exploring and appreciating the application of mathematics in our world,” says Stephen Borys, Director & CEO of the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development released the results of its 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment testing on Tuesday.  Manitoba's scores have continued to drop every three years.

“Originally designed to help teach key math concepts to Manitoba students, Math + Art is filled with beautiful works of art from the WAG collection that are sure to inspire all audiences, from art lovers to high level mathematicians,” says Rachel Baerg, Curator and Art Educator.

Be sure to check out our fun, interactive half and full day Math + Art programs supporting Manitoba Curriculum Outcomes in the areas of Math and Fine Arts for K-12. For more information send an email to education@wag.ca. To book a school tour visit wag.ca/learn/ schools to fill out an online booking request form or call 204–789–1290. Teachers: be among the first to check out this unique exhibition and discover the many ways that your students can explore the fascinating relationship between math and the visual arts with our Teacher’s Sneak Peek, December 13, 5-6pm.

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The Winnipeg Art Gallery is celebrating its Centennial year with an unparalleled series of exhibitions, programs, and events promoting the power of art in life. As Manitoba's leading art museum, the WAG is home to over 26,000 works of art spanning ten centuries, including the world's preeminent collection of contemporary Inuit art.

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