WAG Gallery Shop Presents Jewelry Trunk Show

Can art-making run in the family? It would seem so for the aunt and niece combination of Lily and Sonja Rosenberg. The Gallery Shop at the WAG will be presenting a trunk show of their work from October 25 to 27. You can meet the artists at the opening reception on Friday, October 25 from 6 to 9pm.

Although both the Rosenbergs use traditional techniques and boldly experiment with some unlikely jewelry materials, emphasizing texture and adding shots of colour as they create new forms, the similarity ends there.

Inspired by the structure and formations of both urban and natural landscapes, Sonja Rosenberg uses traditional forging, casting, and fabrication techniques as she explores deconstruction, isolating elements of texture, colour, and form. Stone is the focal point of each piece, complemented by the innovative use of such materials as micro beads, resin, horsehair, and sea sponge.

Lily Rosenberg finds her inspiration in world cultures. Using time-honoured goldsmithing techniques she forges surprising relationships between materials. Gold, silver, and precious stones are often paired with the less traditional such as found glass, steel, and fibre. The results are minimalist, sensual, wearable works of art.



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