Igloos on the WAG Rooftop!

The Winnipeg Art Gallery has been collecting Inuit art since 1957 and now has the largest collection of contemporary art in the world. So what better place to build an igloo. Two, in fact, courtesy of the Manitoba Urban Inuit Association (MUIA). A visit to the igloos is included with the cost of Gallery admission.

Members of the MUIA have been busy constructing two igloos or iglus on the WAG rooftop, next to an inukshuk by Manasie Akpaliapik. And just in time for the opening of Creation & Transformation: Defining Moments in Inuit Art, an exhibition highlighting 115 works from the WAG’s collection.

“Because we have so much happening here involving Inuit art, we felt we wanted a connection to the Inuit people themselves,” says Aline Frechette, WAG Art Educator. “So we contacted the MUIA and Fred Ford, one of their board members, became our liaison. We discussed a number of issues, and Fred made this great suggestion of building an igloo on our roof.” 

Ford, along with Nicky and Annie Noolook, has constructed one igloo measuring approximately 9 feet in diameter and 7 feet tall. They will be working on another later this week. The frigid temperatures of the past few days have not deterred them. “For those of us raised in the North, the weather down here is what we are used to,” says Ford. He adds that, “Although the Inuit no longer live in igloos, they are part of our culture and it’s important for us to keep the art of igloo-building alive. Last Saturday Nicky and Annie brought their children with them to help, and the kids loved it.”

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