WAG Partnering with “Migrating Landscapes” Venice Biennale Project

The Winnipeg Art Gallery is partnering with Migrating Landscapes Organizer (MLO) on their Migrating Landscapes project which has been chosen by the Canada Council of the Arts to represent Canada in the 2012 Venice Biennale in Architecture.


Migrating Landscapes will act as a forum for young Canadian architects and designer to investigate, provoke, document, and expose the unique manifestations of cultural memory that overlay Canada today. MLO will design the exhibition infrastructure—an abstract landscape—into the existing Canada Pavilion in Venice and invite emerging Canadian architects and designers to respond to this “new landscape” with original designs for dwellings, based on their own cultural memories. Each new piece of work—whether it is a house, a cabin, or a yurt—will deal with ideas of dwelling and settling on the land, revealing a condition or state of Canada’s physical, social, or cultural environment. The designs will be selected through a national competition to be launched this summer.


MLO consists of Winnipeg’s 5468796 Architecture Inc. and Jae-Sung Chon. The members of MLO, Johanna Hurme (from Finland), Sasa Radulovic (from the former Yugoslavia), and Jae-Sung Chon (from South Korea) are all first-generation immigrants who are fascinated by the settling-unsettling encounters with the Canadian landscape and built environment that all new immigrants face.


“We will be exhibiting all the architects’ models at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in the spring of 2012,” says Johanna Hurme. “The jury will then meet at the WAG to select the final entries that will be representing Canada in the Biennale from August to November 2012.”


“We are delighted to be part of this exciting international project,” says WAG Director Stephen Borys. “With our own building standing as one of Canada’s most significant modernist designs, it’s always a pleasure engaging with the architectural community. We are looking forward to working with the Canadian Biennale team in the presentation of their project models, and hosting the jury.”


The Manitoba Association of Architects and the Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba are also partnering in this endeavour.


Approaching its centenary in 2012, the Winnipeg Art Gallery is Canada’s oldest civic art gallery and Manitoba’s leading visual arts institution. With a collection of over 24,000 objects spanning many centuries and cultures—including the world’s largest collection of contemporary Inuit art—the WAG is constantly moving between the historical and the contemporary in an effort to engage a growing public with the power of art in our lives.





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