Meet Artist Eva Stubbs at the WAG

The Winnipeg Art Gallery invites you to join artist Eva Stubbs and curator Andrew Kear at 2pm, Sunday, March 6 for an afternoon of conversation and exploration in the exhibition Eva Stubbs: The Rough Ideal which is on view at the WAG until March 20. The event is included with Gallery admission.

Born into a Jewish-Hungarian family in 1925, Eva Stubbs spent her formative years in Europe during the Great Depression, the Spanish Civil War, and the terrifying rise of anti-Semitism. These events stimulated her interest in the role that history and memory play in shaping human identity. Figurative and metaphorical, her work plumbs ideas that are both deeply personal and that reach beyond the particular into the well of shared human experience. Reflecting over 50 years of creative output, this exhibition consists of approximately 60 works, including sculpture in wood, bronze, and fired clay, as well as a selection of the artist’s charcoal and oil stick drawings. In addition to three key pieces from the WAG’s collection, the exhibition draws on over 30 public, corporate, and private collections.

“Through her sculpted and drawn figures and faces, and her gradual, generalized announcement of recognizable form, Eva Stubbs presents to us a kind of human ideal that encapsulates something of humanity's fragility,” says Andrew Kear, Associate Curator, Historical Canadian Art. “The sense of fragility that Eva’s work evokes is quite powerful. On one level, it symbolically registers moments of irredeemable brutality in human history. However, I think it also offers testament to human endurance and the capacity for people to flourish despite the odds.”



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