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WAG and Tunngasugit Announce Partnership

Organizations partner to enhance the wellbeing of Winnipeg’s growing Inuit community

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Treaty 1 Territory, April 12, 2021: The opening of Qaumajuq heralds a new dawn for the Winnipeg Art Gallery. The WAG is working to make sure Qaumajuq is a welcoming place for everyone, and partnering with urban Inuit association Tunngasugit supports efforts to ensure the Gallery is a safe space for Inuit. The WAG and Tunngasugit are pleased to announce a formal partnership, which aims to enhance the social, mental, and emotional wellbeing of the growing Inuit community here in Winnipeg through joint programs, ongoing collaboration, and care.

About WAG x Tunngasugit Partnership:

  • Tunngasugit and the WAG have common interests and shared values in support of the Inuit community both in Canada’s North and Winnipeg.
  • The WAG recognizes the importance of sustaining Indigenous languages by supporting Tunngasugit and facilitating use of WAG-Qaumajuq for their Inuktitut language classes.
  • The WAG and Tunngasugit commit to exploring the best way to facilitate gallery tours in Inuktitut on a regular basis.
  • The WAG wants to ensure coming to Qaumajuq is easy and welcoming. The WAG will facilitate transportation from Tunngasugit to the WAG for the Inuit community on a regular basis with dedicated programming.

About Tunngasugit:

  • Tunngasugit is committed to promoting and enhancing the quality of life for Inuit within Manitoba through the provision of culturally sensitive programs and services, in English and Inuktitut, and to orient Inuit to southern culture and environment.
  • Tunngasugit Inc. was formed in December 2017 to offer front-line services to assist Inuit in transitioning to life in the city. Local Inuit approached Steve and Jackie Massey, long-time caregivers and Inuit advocates, to help fill this need.  Together, they setup an Inuit board of directors and work to operate this new Centre and pursue opportunities to expand in response to the needs identified by local Inuit
  • Tunngasugit offers a supportive environment that attempts to duplicate the community spirit and culture of the Inuit homelands by working together to meet the needs of our members and the community at large by exercising traditional Inuit values.

About Qaumajuq: 

  • Qaumajuq, the Inuit art centre is now open to the public. Relive the opening celebrations at
  • Meaning “it is bright, it is lit” in Inuktitut, Qaumajuq provides a new home for the world’s largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world.
  • Qaumajuq is the first art museum of its kind, bringing Inuit voices to the forefront, and dedicated to the art and culture of Inuit from Canada and beyond.
  • Qaumajuq is an innovative art museum, taking art from object to full sensory experience with Inuit-led programming, complementing and augmenting the cutting-edge art education that the WAG offers today.
  • The new 40,000-square-foot-building designed by Michael Maltzan Architecture with Cibinel Architecture connects to the WAG on all four levels, providing stunning exhibition, learning and event spaces; a revamped shop; plus a new café on the main level in partnership with Circa Catering.
  • The central feature is a Visible Vault, showcasing thousands of carvings you can see even from the street.


“The WAG’s partnership with Tunngasugit is in keeping with the spirit of reconciliation. With the opening of Qaumajuq, the WAG is honored to give back to a community that has shared their creativity with the world. We are thrilled to have Manitoba’s growing Inuit community enjoy Qaumajuq’s spaces and we look forward to developing more programming together.”
— Dr. Stephen D. Borys, Director & CEO, Winnipeg Art Gallery

“I am excited about our working partnership with Qaumajuq. Tunngasugit represents Urban Inuit who make Winnipeg their home. It is important the Inuit community have a connection with the worlds’ largest Inuit art centre.  Having representation has always been an important aspect to myself when making connections and partnerships. To have Tunngasugit support the connection with the Winnipeg Art Gallery through Qaumajuq will only benefit the Inuit community as well as Winnipeg as a whole. With our new partnership, Tunngasugit will continue to support and provide Inuit specific services that focuses using Inuit Values, Principles and ensure opportunities that strengthen the connection to our culture and language with our Inuit community.”
— Nikki Komaksiutiksak, Executive Director Tunngasugit Inc.

“We are excited to join the WAG in sharing, promoting, educating and sustaining Inuit culture and languages in Winnipeg and around the world.  Qaumajuq is a beautiful place for learning about Inuit art and culture, by Inuit artists and curators, through their eyes and voices.  This partnership will bring the Inuit community together and celebrate the uniqueness of the Inuit.”
—Steve and Jackie Massey, Tunngasugit Inc.

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For more information or to arrange interviews, please contact:

Amy Rebecca Harrison
Engagement Supervisor
Winnipeg Art Gallery

Nikki Komaksiutiksak
Executive Director
Tunngasugit Inc.

The Winnipeg Art Gallery (the WAG) is a cultural advocate using art to connect, inspire, and inform. Playing a dynamic role in the community, we are a place for learning, dialogue, and enjoyment through art. The WAG holds in trust the largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world. To celebrate the art and to honour the Inuit, the WAG built Qaumajuq, the Inuit art centre. Now open, the centre bridges Canada’s North and South through exhibitions, research, education, and art making. To learn more visit

Tunngasugit Inc. Tunngasugit is a non-profit organization that exists to help Inuit with any situation you’re in. If we can’t help you, we will help you find someone who can. We know it’s not easy transitioning into an urban setting. There are a lot of barriers we face and, until now, with very little help. Please get in touch with our Inuk Outreach Coordinator at (204) 416-8910.



Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik tusagaksat ikajuqtigiinnirmut

Katujjiqatigiit ikajuqtigiinirmut pivaalliriarlugit inuutsiarnirmut Vinipiip piruqpallianinganut Inuit nunalinginnut

Vinipiik, Maanitupa, Angiqatigiiniq 1 Nunagijaujut aviksimajut, Airili 12, 2021: Matuiqsiniq Qaumajuq pijjutigijanginnut nutaamut Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik. Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik piliriaksaqaqtut nalunaijattiarniarlutik Qaumajuq tunnganarnirmut najurvik inulimaanut, ammalu ikajuqtigiinnirmut nunalipaujat silataanirmiutat Inuit Tunngasugit ikajuqtut pivaallirutajunik nalunaijatsiarniarluni takugannaagaqarvik attarnaqtailimanirmut najurvik Inungnut. Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik ammalu Tunngasugit tusagaksaqaqtut ikajuqtigilauqtangit, turaangajut pivaalliriarlugit inuuqatigiinnirmut, isumamut, ammalu ippinniarnirmut inuutsiarnirmut piruqpalliajunut Inuit nunalinginni tamaani Vinipiikmi ilagijaujunut piliriaksanut, kajusijukkut uqaqatigiinnirmut, ammalu ippigusungnirmut.

Ilulingit Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik ammalu Tunngasugit ikajuqtigiiniq:

  • Tunngasugit ammalu Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik ajjikasinik pijumaniqaqtut ammalu katujjiqatigiinniq pimmariujunut ikajuqtigiiglutik Inuit nunalinginnut tamarmik Kanataup Ukiuqtaqtungani ammalu Vinipiikmi.
  • Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik ilitaqsijut pimmariujunut pisimatsigiarlutik nunaqaqqaaqsimajut uqausinginnik ikajurlutik Tunngasugit ammalu kamalutik atuqtauniaqtunut Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik-Qaumajuq Inuktitut ilinniarniarlutik.
  • Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik ammalu Tunngasugit pijumatsiaqtut qimirruarlutik piuniqpaamik kamaniarlutik takugannaagaqarvimut takugannaaqtitsinirmut ilaannikkut.
  • Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik nalunaijaitsiarumajut takujaqturlugu Qaumajuq ajurnanngittuq ammalu tunnganaqtut. Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik kamaniaqtut ingirautittinirmut Tungasugivingmit Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik Inuit nunalimi ilaannikkut kamagijauniaqtunut piliriaksanut.

Ilulingit Tunngasugit:

  • Tunngasugit pijumatsiaqtut pijjutiginiarlugit ammalu pivaalliriarlugit qanuinnirijaujunut inuusirijaujut Inungnik Maanitupami tauktunnikkut iliqqusirijaujukkut pimmariujunut piliriaksanut ammalu pijittirautinut, Qablunaatitut ammalu Inuktitut, ammalu pijjutiginiarlugit Inuit Qablunaat iliqusinginni ammalu avatinginni.
  • Tunngasugit Katujjiqatigiingit saqqititaulauqtut Tisipiri 2017-ngutillugi tunirrusiarniarlutik sivulliulutik-pijittirarniq ikajurniarlugit Inuit sungiutinitmut inuusimut nunalipaujami. Nunalimi Inuit takujaqtuqsimajut Steve ammalu Jackie Massey, akuni mianiqsijit ammalu Inungnut kiggaqtuijit, ikajurniarlutik tapsuma pijaujariaqaqtunut. Ikajuqtigiingnikkut, aaqqiksuijut katimajinik ammalu pilirilutik aulatsiniarlutik taapsuma nutaaq najurvinngmut ammalu pijjutiginiarlugit ikajuutiksait atuqtaujunnaqtut ungavariarlugu kiujjutit pijaujariaqaqtunut nalunaijaqtaujut nunalimi Inungnit.
  • Tunngasugit tunirrusiaqaqtut ikajuusianik avatimi pinasuaqtut malingniarlugit nunalimi uppirijaujunut ammalu iliqqusirijaujunut Inuit nunanganit piliriqatigiinnikkut katinniarlugit pijaujumajunut katimajittinnit ammalu nunalimiutanit amisutigut atuqtaulutik iliqqusirijaujut Inuit pimmmariuninginnut.

Ilulingit Qaumajuq:

  • Qaumajuq, Inuit sanannguagangit najurvik maanna ukkuiqsimajut inulimaanut. Saimmarniq ukkuiqsiniq quviasuqatigiinnirmut uvani
  • Tukiqaqtuq “Qaumajuq, ikijaujuq” Inuktitut, Qaumajuq pijitsiraqtut nutaamik angirramik silarjuami anginiqpaaq inulimaanut katiqsuqtausimajunik ublumi Inuit sanannguagangit silarjuami.
  • Qaumajuq sivulliqpaaq sanannguaganut takugannaagaqarvik ajjiqanngittuq, tusagaksaulutik Inuit nipingit sivunimut, ammalu pijjutigijaujut sanannguaganut ammalu iliqqusirijaujunut Inuit Kanatami ammalu ungataani.
  • Qaumajuq nutaat isumaksaqsiurutit sananngaganut takugannaagaqarvik, tigusiniq sanannguaganik sunamit atangiqsimajukkut ippinnarniq ilinirmut Inuit-aulataujut piliriaksait, ilagiaqtausimajut ammalu piruqpaliatitsiniq nutaanguniqsanut sanannguagait ilinniarnirmut Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik tunirrusiat ublumi.
  • Nutaat 40,000-ittuaqtut-itigait-iglurjuaq aaqqiksuqtaujut Michael Maltzanmut titiqtugaqti Cibinel Titiqtugaqtikkut katiqatiqaqtut Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik tamarmik sitamanut natiqaqtunik, pijitsiraqtut piujummarialungmik takugannaaqtitsinirmut, ilinniarniq ammalu piliriaksanut iniqaqtunik; nutaannguqtitaubluni niuvirvik; ammalu nutaaq kapiturvik sivulliq natiani ikajuqtigiiblutik Circa Pijittiraqtulirijikkut.
  • Qitiani takuksauninga Takunnaqtuq Sanasimajuq Qulaanga, takugannaaqtittijut amisummarialungnik sanannguaganik takujunnaqtatit aqqutimit.


“Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik ikajuqtigiit Tunngasugit pisimajut uppirusungniq nutaamik ikajuqtigiikannirnirmut. Ukkuisiluni Qaumajuq, Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik upigusuktut utiqtinniarlugit nunalimut katujjiqatigiisimajut saqqititanginnik silarjuamut. Alianaigusutsiaqtugut pigilugu Manitupap piruqpallianinga Inuit nunalinga quviasuqatigiiniq Qaumajup iningit ammalu niriuktugut saqqitittiniq amisukkannirnik piliriaksaniq ikajuqtigiinnikkut.”

— Stephen D. Borys, Aulatsiji ammalu Aulatsijimmarik, Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik

“Aliagusuktunga piliriqatigiinnirmut ikajuqtigiinnirmut Qaumajukkulu. Tunngasugit pijjutiqaqtut nunalipaujap sanianirmiutanut Vinipiikmi angirraqaqtunut. Pimmariujuq Inuit nunalingat katinnganiqaqtut silarjuami anginiqpaaq Inuit sanannguaganut najurvianik. Pijjutiqarluni pimmariunnginnaqtuq pijuutigilugu uvamnut katiqatiqarniarluni and ikajuqtigiinniarluni. Tunngasugit ikajuqtigilugit katiqatiqarnirmut Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik Qaumajukkut kisimi ikajuutiqarniaqtut Inuit nunalinganut ammalu Vinipiik atausikkut. Ilagilugu nutaaq ikajuqtigiiniq, Tunngasugit kajusiniaqtut ikajurlutik ammalu pijittirarniarlugit Inuit pujjutigijanginnut pijittirautinut turaangajut atuqtaujut Inuit Pimmariuningit, Tunngavingit ammalu nalunaijaitsiarniarlutik ikajuutiksanik atuqtaujunnaqtunik sanngiliqpaallirniaqtunik katiqatiqarnirmut iliqusivut ammalu uqausivut piqatigilugit Inuit nunalingat.”

— Nikki Komaksiutiksak, Aulatsijimmarik Tunngasugit Katujjiqatigiingit.

“Alianaigusutsiaqtugut ilagilugit Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik katujjiqatigiinirmut, pijjutiginiq, ilinnarniq ammalu pisimatsiniq Inuit iliqqusingit ammalu uqausingit Vinipiikmi ammalu silarjualimaami. Qaumajuq piujummarialuk najurvik ilinnarvigilugu Inuit sanannguaganut ammalu iliqqusinginnut, Inuit sanannguaqtinit ammalu mianiqsijinit, ijingitigut ammalu nipingitigut. Tamanna ikajuqtigiingniq katiqsuiniaqtuq Inuit nunalimiutanik quviasiqatigiingnirmut ajjiqanngittumik Inungnit.”

— Steve ammalu Jackie Massey, Tunngasugit Katujjiqatigiingit.

Ilagijaujut Qaujigiarviit

Tunngasugit Katujjiqatigiingit


Maliglutit uvaptinnik ukunanngat Facebook, Twitter, ammalu Instagram #atwag #qaumajuq365


Tukisikkannirumaguvit uvvaluunniit aaqqiksijumaguvit apiqsuqtaunirmut, atii qaujigiaruk:

Amy Rebecca Harrison
Katiqatigiinirmut aulatsiji
Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik
(204) 789-1347

Nikki Komaksiutiksak
Tunngasugit Katujjiqatigiingit
(204) 416-8910

Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik (WAG) iliqqusilirinirmut ikajuqsijit atuq&utik sanannguaganik katiqatiqarnirmut, aliagusungniq ammalu tusagaksanut. Angijumik pimmariujukkut kamagijaqarniq nunalimi, najurvivut ilinniarviksaq, ilinnarutiksanut uqausimik, ammalu quviasinngniq sanannguagakkut. Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik tigummijut upirnikkut anginiqpaaq inulimaanut katiqsuiniq ublumi Inuit sanannguagangit silarjuami. Quviasuqatigiinirmut, sanannguagait ammalu upigusungniq Inungnik, Vinipiik Sanannguaganut Takugannaagaqarvik sanasimajut Qaumajuq, Inuit sananguaganut najurvik. Maana ukkuiqsimajuq najurvik ikaarvik Kanataup Ukiuqtaqtunga ammalu Qablunaat nunanga takugannaaqtitsinikkut, sunakkutannik qaujisarniq, ilinnarniq, ammalu sanannguagakkut. Qaujigiakkanirniq upaglugu

Tunngasugit Katujjiqatigiingit. Tungasugit katujjiqatigiit taimaujut ikajurniarlutik Inungnik qanutuinnaq qanuikkaluaruvit. Ikajurunnarupta ilinnik, ikajurniaqpugut ilinnik ikajurunnaqtumik. Qaujimajugut ajurnarninganut sungiutinirmut nunalipaujap sanianirmiutauluni. Amisut akaunngiliurutit atusuungjavut ammalu, maannauliqtuq, mikijumik ikajurnikkut. Atii qaujigiarvigittigut Inuuqativut ikajuqti uvani (204) 416-8910.


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