Artist Submission Process

The Winnipeg Art Gallery welcomes exhibitions proposals. If you are a practicing artist and would like your work to be considered for an exhibition, or are a curator with an exhibition proposal, please send the following information digitally to our curatorial department.

The WAG requires that all Exhibition Proposals contain the following:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Artist / Curator / Project Statement
  3. Current Curriculum Vitae
  4. A Maximum of 20 Images with corresponding image list
  5. Relevant Support Material

I. Address the cover letter to the Chief Curator, Mr. Andrew Kear. This is essentially a letter of introduction, which also contains your current mailing address and contact information.

II. The artist / project statement should indicate the media, technique, theme, or context of the artwork. It should also address any specific technical or spatial requirements regarding the installation of the work. Please limit this to 1-2 pages.

III. Include a current copy of your CV or resume, listing exhibition history and education background.  This should not exceed 2 pages.

IV. Include a maximum of 20 images, indicating title, medium, size and year of execution.

V. If relevant, include a selection of support material, such as copies of recent interviews or publications featuring the art work or exhibition.

An email of receipt will be sent out once the submission is received by the curatorial office. Proposals are generally considered on a quarterly basis.

As per standard art gallery practice the WAG’s exhibition schedule is programmed roughly 3 years in advance. This enables the WAG to fulfill provincial and federal government funding requirements and provide adequate planning time to mount significant exhibitions that are supported through educational programs and public relations.

Please email your proposal to:

Thank you

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