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This new exhibition curated by Dr. Stephen Borys, WAG-Qaumajuq Director & CEO features the new acquisition of John Greer, Black Seeds and other works from the permanent collection.

The launching point for this installation began with the search for a way to display the recent acquisition, John Greer’s Black Seeds, comprised of five stone sculptures, or seeds, of varying dimensions. Visitors will see Greer’s work paired with John McEwen’s Marconi, a flame cut steel sculpture of a dog with its collar and chain, the raw steel outline of the seated dog contrasting polished marble seeds. The decision to go deeper into these material choices led to the presentation of a small group of sculptures from the WAG collection – all of them incorporating various metals and stones.

Black Seeds is a five-part sculptural installation whose components rest on the floor of the exhibition space, scattered throughout with enough space for a person to move around and walk between the objects. Heavy, dark stone sculptures resembling seeds, nuts, or a shell cracked open by force, the elements occupy the gallery as if randomly left by chance. Each “seed” is carved from black marble in varying individual size and appearance, with visible surface detail rendered by the artist’s hand.

Other works include sculptures and installations by Susan Chafe, Betty Goodwin, John Greer, Barb Hunt, John McEweb, Micah Lexier, Vanessa Paschakarnis.

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WAG-Qaumajuq recognizes that land acknowledgements are part of an ongoing dialogue with Indigenous Nations, and we are grateful to live and work on these lands and waters. Institutionally, WAG-Qaumajuq is committed to acknowledging our colonial history and we are actively working to interrogate the Gallery’s colonial ways of being. Read about some of our ongoing projects to interrupt the institution.
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