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Mar 26, '21 - Feb 12, '23
INUA is the inaugural exhibition of Qaumajuq.

A wide range of groundbreaking work is now on view in the 8,000 sq ft main gallery called Qilak, meaning “sky” in Inuktitut, the largest single gallery space devoted to Inuit art and culture.

See a dynamic integration of old, modern and contemporary works and experience innovative programming that weaves their stories together.

INUA has two meanings:
• Spirit or life force in many dialects across the Arctic
• Acronym for Inuit Nunangat Ungammuaktut Atautikkut or ‘Inuit Moving Forward Together,’ reflecting the curators vision for Qaumajuq as a site where Inuit from throughout Inuit Nunangat can, together, collectively gather, share, be inspired by previous generations, and create new pathways forward in Inuit art.

INUA brings together work created by over 90 Inuit artists from across the northern Canada, as well as some living in the urban South. The exhibition also features a selection of works by circumpolar Indigenous colleagues and, in some cases, collaborators from areas such as Alaska and Greenland. INUA also celebrates the past work of Inuit artists, who have always embraced the future, drawn from existing collections.

INUA Online

This online portal connects us to one another, and reveals artists, their works and contemporary Inuit thought. We invite you to revisit often as we explore the works in the exhibition; share new stories and artist’s perspectives; and reflect upon our rich art history, dynamic futurity, and the continuity of our arts and cultures.



Nagvaaqtavut | What We Found is a collaborative project that invites visitors to explore INUA – both in-person and virtually – by listening to diverse perspectives and reflections on the artworks in the exhibition.


Heather Igloliorte Heather Igloliorte Krista Ulujuk Zawadski Krista Ulujuk Zawadski Kablusiak Kablusiak Asinnajaq Asinnajaq


Curated by an all-Inuit team representing the four regions of Inuit Nunangat, the homeland of Inuit in Canada, and supported by Jocelyn Piirainen (Ikaluktutiak/Cambridge Bay), WAG Assisant Curator of Inuit Art; Nicole Luke (Kangiqtiniq/Rankin Inlet & Igluligaarjuk/Chesterfield Inlet), Exhibition Designer, Masters Program, Department of Architecture at the University of Manitoba; and Mark Bennett, Graphic Designer, and Kayla Bruce, Educational Assistant.


Brian Adams • Allison Akootchook Warden* • Olassie Akulukjuk • Eldred Allen • Siku Allooloo • Donat Anawak • Elizabeth Angrnaqquaq • Michael Angutituak • Marjorie Agluvak Aqiggaaq • Irene Avaalaaqiaq Tiktaalaaq • Fanny Avatituq* • Darcie Bernhardt • Beatrice Deer* • Norman Ekoomiak • Alice Evaglok • Glenn Gear* • Julie Grenier* • Maureen Gruben • Suzannah Igloliorte • Elisapi Uppatitsiaq Inukpuk • Elisapee Ishulutaq • Mattiusi Iyaituk • Bronson Jacque* • Eugenie Tautoonie Kabluitok • Veronica Kadjuak Manilak • Martha Kakee • Octave Tigumiak Kappi • Rhoda Akpaliapik Karetak • Jessie Kenalogak • Olajuk Kigutikakjuk • Jessie Kleemann • Eva Kootook • Pie Kukshout • Kunoo • Zacharias Kunuk* • Mary Mariq Kuutsiq • Maata (Martha) Kyak* • Megan Kyak-Montieth • Victoria Mamnguqsualuk Kayuryuk • Annie Manning • Michael Massie • Lindsay McIntyre* • Drew Michael • Qaunaq Mikkigak • Jenny Irene Miller • Shirley Moorhouse* • Bill Nasogaluak* • Ella Nasogaluak-Brown • Niap • Lucy Nimiqtaqtuq • Martha Noah • William Noah • Gukki Nuka • Tommy Nuvaqirq • Jessie Oonark • David Ruben Piqtoukun • Mary Pitseolak • Napachie Pootoogook • Aoudla Pudlat • Pudlo Pudlat • Ruth Qaulluaryuk • Eli Sallualu Qinuajua • Lisipi Saittoq • Yvo Samgushak • Victor Sammurtok • Maya Sialuk Jacobsen* • Mikki Siusangnark • Noah Taottotsiark Siusangnark • Gabriel Isaac Suarak • Jimmy Taipanak • Joe Talirunili • Ningiukulu Teevee • Eli Tikeayak • Papiara Tukiki • Eva Itikituq Tulurialik • Cecilia Arnadjuk Tungilik • Jesse Tungilik • Oviloo Tunnillie • Lucien Tutuk Kabluitok • Marion Tuu’luq • Philip Ugjuk • Couzyn van Heuvelen* • Mary Yuusipik Singaqti

*commissioning artist

About Qaumajuq

Building on a long history of collecting and exhibiting Inuit art of all media at the WAG, Qaumajuq celebrates the largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world. Qaumajuq’s inaugural show INUA is an important step in engaging in a meaningful and fulsome way with Inuit—artists, cultural workers, and people in general.


An image of the Qaumajuq Inuit art centre at night, lit from within by Lindsay Reid.

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WAG-Qaumajuq recognizes that land acknowledgements are part of an ongoing dialogue with Indigenous Nations, and we are grateful to live and work on these lands and waters. Institutionally, WAG-Qaumajuq is committed to acknowledging our colonial history and we are actively working to interrogate the Gallery’s colonial ways of being.

WAG-Qaumajuq is LEED certified.

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