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Apr 27 - Sep 12, '21
Commemorating The Winnipeg Foundation’s Centennial Anniversary, The Alloways’ Gift showcases a series of archival photographs, rare artifacts, and paintings from the WAG collection illustrating the early days of land, business, and community development in Winnipeg.

This exhibition includes a special nod to the Foundation’s founding donors, William and Elizabeth Alloway, and the city they knew. The Alloways are the architects of the Canadian community foundation movement. Their gift to create The Winnipeg Foundation in 1921 launched a new way of philanthropic giving that has generated millions of dollars in support of countless charitable causes. In Canada today, there are 191 community foundations and 56 are located in Manitoba.

Moving from the historical viewfinder to the contemporary experience, The Alloways’ Gift runs alongside Rosalie Favell: Family Legacy.

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WAG-Qaumajuq recognizes that land acknowledgements are part of an ongoing dialogue with Indigenous Nations, and we are grateful to live and work on these lands and waters. Institutionally, WAG-Qaumajuq is committed to acknowledging our colonial history and we are actively working to interrogate the Gallery’s colonial ways of being.

WAG-Qaumajuq is LEED certified.

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