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Alexander Archipenko. Boxers (The Fight), 1914. Bronze, 59.5 x 41.9 x 41.2 cm. Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery; Acquired with funds from the Alpha Omega Women’s Alumnae, the Ukrainian Community of Winnipeg and The Winnipeg Foundation, G-62-5.

Interact with art in the WAG collection from the comfort of your home. With everything from historical to contemporary artwork, the WAG holds an extensive and rich collection for your endless inspiration! This week, we invite you to interact with a cubist bronze sculpture from Ukrainian artist Alexander Archipenko, Boxers. Create a collage that captures your favourite sport or activity!

Look: This bronze sculpture represents a struggle between two boxers. Utilizing the artistic style of Cubism, Archipenko simplifies the boxers into geometric forms shown simultaneously from different angles. Use your imagination to find two figures in this sculpture.

Imagine: If you were to create your own sculpture of two boxers, what would it look like? Think about your favourite sport or other activity, how would you make a sculpture that suggests this activity? Take on a pose of the sculpture you have just imagined, and in slow motion, pretend you are moving in the action of this sport or activity.

Create: Cut a variety of geometric forms (squares, rectangles, triangles) out of construction paper or other paper you have lying around the house. Arrange them in a collage depicting people playing a sport or other activity that you like. Try to capture the movement of the sport with the geometric forms.

Share with us! Take a picture of your artwork and email it to to be featured on the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s social media!


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