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The work of Robert Houle is returning to the Winnipeg Art Gallery!

Organized by the Art Gallery of Ontario, Robert Houle: Red is Beautiful is the first major retrospective of this leading contemporary Canadian artist.

Robert Houle has a long and storied history in the Canadian art world. A Saulteaux Anishinaabe artist, curator, and educator from Sandy Bay First Nation, Houle is known for his large-scale paintings and installations exploring the confluence of settler and Indigenous worldviews, spirituality, and histories. His work is deeply connected to the history and landscapes of Manitoba. As a residential school survivor, he has poured into healing works such as Sandy Bay, a reflection on his time spent at Sandy Bay Residential School.

As a Manitoban fixture, the Winnipeg Art Gallery has enjoyed a long relationship with the artist. In 1989, Houle was the artist in residence at the Gallery, a residency that resulted in the monumental four-painting series Muhnedobe uhyahyuk (Where the gods are present). His first solo show, entitled Indians from A to Z, was organized by the Winnipeg Art Gallery in 1990, and was followed almost a decade later by Sovereignty Over Subjectivity in 1999. These two exhibitions showcased Houle’s strong sensibility of place and Indigenous resilience and resurgence.

Red is Beautiful will be Robert Houle’s third solo show exhibited at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Curated by Wanda Nanibush, Curator of Indigenous Art at the AGO, Red is Beautiful explores the major themes of Houle’s career. This exhibition is not to be missed!

Join us October 7 @ 7pm for the FREE opening of Robert Houle: Red is Beautiful! Plus free programming on Saturday and Sunday in celebration of the show.


3 thoughts on "The work of Robert Houle is returning to the Winnipeg Art Gallery!"

Evelyne Lachapelle says:

An amazing opportunity for Manitobans.

J’ai très hâte d’assister à ces rencontres.

BRAVO au Musée et merci à M. Houle d’être là!

Scott Main says:

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Robert Houle’s exhibit: Red is Beautiful. The first thing that I was struck by was the vibrant colours he uses in his huge multi-canvas pieces. They catch the eye and draw you in. It’s the content and context of his pieces that keep your focus. Sometimes the labels give you the answers, but more often than not they leave you with more questions as you look for meaning in the abstract.
I was amazed at Houle’s use of multiple styles as I worked my way through his exhibit. From abstract, to representational, to geometrical, to surrealist, Houle keeps finding creative ways to visually represent elements of our history as a country as well as his own personal life stories. His work is thought provoking and emotional. I wish I had more time to spend in his exhibit, and will be looking for the next opportunity to return (hopefully with my grade 6/7 class).

Melanie says:

This exhibit unearthed many difficult but necessary emotions in our group. We all experienced the raw emotions in the paintings and journey through the gallery. When we think of bringing students to this exhibit, we know it can be a powerful tool in our discussions surrounding Orange Shirt Day and Residential Schools. Thank you Robert for gifting us your truth using your gifts and talents as an artist.

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