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My Daily Art

MIKE DEAL / WINNIPEG FREE PRESSDarlene Coward Wight, Curator of Inuit Art at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.161205 – Monday, December 5, 2016.

35 daily art posts and I still haven’t talked about the magicians at the WAG.

So before I share a few of my favourite exhibitions I wanted to put faces to some of the amazing talent here. Behind every great artist and exhibition is a great curator, at least I think so.

Curators are the ones who connect the dots – linking the object and the artist with the audience and the space, and back again. They’re the glue that’s often invisible because they do their job so well. They study, acquire, document, write, present, and engage – and they do it with intelligence, understanding, and grace.

At the WAG I have the pleasure of working with an amazing group of curators. They love what they do, and I know they’re missing that right now. And I’m missing them!

Darlene Coward Wight, Curator of Inuit Art at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.
161205 – Monday, December 5, 2016.

LOCAL – ENT – WAG inuit
Photos of individual pieces of art from the Small Worlds Inuit Miniature Carving exhibition, curated by Jocelyn Piirainen, at the WAG.
Jocelyn Piirainen holds inuit art piece called Man, by Lymeekee Kakkee, on loan from the Nunavut Fine Art Collection and in a collection of pieces in one of several showcases on miniature Inuit art on display at the WAG exhibition. See story.
Subject: Jocelyn Piirainen has curated an exhibition of miniature Inuit carvings at the Winnipeg Art Gallery her first exhibition in her new role as the assistant curator of Inuit Art (the first such post to be held by an Inuk).
For Monday, Aug. 12 Arts front.
Jen Zoratti story
Aug 8th, 2019

Dr. Heather Igloliorte, Lead Guest Curator of the Inuit Art Centre inaugural exhibition

Julie Nagam and Jaimie Isaac.

Riva Symko


Radovan Radulovic and Andrew Kear.

While the WAG is temporarily closed, this series of posts from Director & CEO, Dr. Stephen Borys, shares an artwork from the collection every day until the Gallery reopens. Follow along on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter, or visit our stories section for this and more WAG@Home content.



One thought on "My Daily Art"

Ruth Swan says:

Dr. Borys is right that curators are the glue that make galleries and museums work and are often the unsung heroes who make art and museum collections understood for the general public. This means transitioning from academic research to public story-telling. A challenging job, but rewarding who have the opportunity and freedom to say their own interpretation. In Winnipeg, we are so lucky to have a number of great museums and art galleries which we miss when they are closed for the pandemic! Ruth Swan

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