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My Daily Art

Christiane Pflug. Kitchen Door with Ursula, 1966. oil on canvas, 164.8 x 193.2 cm. Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery; Acquired with the assistance of the Women’s Committee and The Winnipeg Foundation. G-66-89.⁠

Raised by family friends in Germany through her formative years, Christiane Pflug and her family later settled in Toronto in the early 1960s.

For many years, Christiane suffered from loneliness and depression – something she often confronted through her art making.⁠

In this 1966 painting entitled Kitchen Door with Ursula, the doorway view is marked by a grid of window panes, wire fencing, and leafless tree limbs. All the visual settling points are either obscured or reflected. But it is spring time, and the artist offers us another, more uplifting, reality – with the moment embraced by Ursula who can be seen in the glass door’s reflection.⁠⁠

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5 thoughts on "My Daily Art"

Karen says:

I have this on a favorite (well-worn) bookmark that WAG had printed a few years back! Thank you so much for My Daily Art.

Kelly Southworth says:

I love this painting because it makes me think of my favourite aspect of spring–that first day when it is warm and sunny enough to open a door and window to get a cross breeze to air out the house! I bundle up in comfy sweat pants, sweaters and slippers to brave the brisk air and just revel in sun and fresh air. I really feel alive after a long winter. This painting makes me feel the same joy.

Jaiden says:

The scenery looks cool and it reminds me of the first couple of days of spring when the weather isnt cold and isnt hot

Bruce says:

Timely and timeless. I love the sparseness of the kitchen contrasted with all that is going on outside and in ‘the kitchen door’. Melting, youth, reflection…great work! Relevant today! Thanks for introducing me to a new artist.

Winnipeg Art Gallery says:

Thank you for following along with My Daily Art, Bruce!

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