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Game On!

Enjoy outdoor fun and games on the WAG Rooftop Retreat. Croquet, Lawn Darts and Bean Bag Toss can be reserved beside the entry to the rooftop during regular Gallery hours.

The games are sanitized by staff on a regular basis, and guests are asked to wipe the game down with sanitizing spray BEFORE and AFTER use.

How to Play: CROQUET

Each bag should have the following:

  • Six Rackets (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black)
  • Six Balls (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black)
  • Two stakes with colour stripes
  • Nine white wickets



  • The object of the game is to advance your ball through the course scoring points for each wicket and stake in the correct order and direction. The winner is the first side to score 14 wicket points and 2 stake points for each of its balls.


  • For a two to four player croquet game, you’ll need four croquet balls; for a six-player croquet game, croquet law calls for six croquet balls. Each team plays with different coloured croquet balls.
  • The order of play throughout the game for 2-4 players is Blue, Red, Yellow
  • For 6 players, the order of play throughout the game is Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, and Orange.


  • After all balls have started the game, play continues in the same order until a ball is staked out. When a ball is out of the game, the remaining balls continue in the same order, skipping the ball that has finished the course.
  • If the striker takes a swing at their ball and misses entirely, the miss counts as a shot and the turn ends, unless the striker had a second “bonus” shot.
  • If the striker’s mallet accidentally hits another ball other than the striker ball, the shot must be replayed, but with no loss of turn.


  • Each ball can score wicket and stake points for its side only by going through a wicket or hitting a stake in the proper order and direction.
  • Going through a wicket out of order or in the wrong direction is not counted as a point gained or lost.
  • A ball caused to score its wicket or stake during another ball’s turn earns the point for its side, but no bonus shot is earned as a result. The striker earns one bonus shot if the striker ball scores a wicket or hits the turning stake. The striker earns two bonus shots if the striker ball hits another ball (a “roquet”).
  • You are “dead” on a ball for extra shots until you clear your next wicket or on the start of your next turn whichever comes first. However, the maximum number of bonus shots earned by a striker is two; there is never a time when a striker is allowed three shots


  • Pass through the wickets and touch each stake with your ball in the correct order the fastest.

How to Play: LAWN DARTS

Each bag should have the following:

  • 4 Green Darts
  • 4 Blue Darts
  • 2 Rings


  • Place rings 3-4 ft apart, or a shorter distance for younger players


  • Score the most points, 21, before your opponent!


  • To throw a lawn dart, hold it from the top, not the blunt tip, and toss underhand.
  • The dart must land with the tip resting down inside the target ring to count for a point. If the tip rests on the ring for any reason, it must be more than 50% inside the target to count towards a point!

How to Play: BEAN BAG TOSS

Each bag should have the following:

  • 4 Yellow Bags
  • 4 Black Bags
  • 4 wooden planchets


  • Give each team one colour of bean bags (4) and set up on either end


  • Be the first person or team to get all 4 bean bags into the hole.


  • Decide who goes first and take turns throwing bags with your opponent. You throw one bag, then your opponent, then you, then your opponent, etc.


  • Your feet may not go past the front edge of the board. If they do, a foul is called and you miss your turn!
  • A tossed bag may not touch the ground. If it hits the ground and bounces up on the board, remove it before any other bags are thrown. If it is hanging off the board and touching the ground, remove that as well.
  • When all 8 bags have been tossed to the other side, add up the score. If you earned the most points in that single round, your team will throw first in the next round.
  • Scoring is simple. After all bags have been thrown, a bag remaining on the board is worth 1 point. A bag that went in the hole is worth 3 points.
  • Add up how many points you earned and compare them to your opponents. Equal points cancel each other out so that only one team can score per round. For example, if you scored 5 points and your opponent scored 3, you will add 2 points to your overall score and your team will throw first in the next round.
  • If you scored 6 points and your opponent scored 6 as well, there will be no points awarded and whoever threw first in the last round will throw first again. A game is won when a team reaches 21 points with a lead of 2 or more points.
  • The first team to win 2 games wins the match.




Aynsley & Grant Cockshott • Ernest & Anastasia Cholakis • Andrea & George Cibinel • Ken & Lynn Cooper • Hennie & Rick Corrin • Kevin & Sharon Donnelly • Herbert Enns & Maem Slater-Enns • Fred Ford & Gela Stach • Evelyn Jacks • Keith & Susan Knox • Nick Logan & Christine Skene • Councillor Brian Mayes (St Vital) • H. Sanford & Deborah Riley • Lewis Rosenberg & Jennifer Mohr • Gary Sarcida & April Jordan

Get some R&R on one of the best rooftops in the city!

Rooftop Retreat


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Get some R&R on one of the best rooftops in the city!

Rooftop Retreat

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