Chagall: Daphnis & Chloé

Marc Chagall, The Trampled Flowers, c. 1956-61, printed in 1961. NGC/MBAC, Ottawa. Gift of Félix Quinet, Ottawa, 1986, in memory of Joseph & Marguerite Liverant. ©Daphnis & Chloé, Acc. 29763.37; Mourlot 342.©SODRAC 2015 & ADAGP 2015, Chagall ®.Photo ©NGC

Organized by the National Gallery of Canada and the Winnipeg Art Gallery

Russian-born Jewish artist Marc Chagall was a pioneer of modernism. Picasso proclaimed that after Matisse, "Chagall will be the only painter left who understands what colour really is.”

Daphnis & Chloé, the latest NGC@WAG collaboration, features 42 lithograph prints that showcase Chagall’s unique style. Widely considered the crowning achievement of his career as a printmaker, the series depicts the romantic tale written by the ancient Greek poet Longus. Chagall created these colourful works in the 1950s, soon after meeting and marrying his second wife, Valentina.

In addition to this magnificent collection of modernist 20th-century work is Chagall & Winnipeg, a focus show that reveals the artist's connection to Manitoba. 

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Marc Chagall, Spring on the Meadow, c. 1956-61, printed 1961. Gift of Félix Quinet, Ottawa, 1986, in memory of Joseph & Marguerite Liverant. NGC, Ottawa.©Daphnis & Chloé, Acc. 29763.6; Mourlot 342. ©SODRAC 2015 & ADAGP 2015, Chagall®. Photo ©NGC

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