Micah Lexier, still from This One, That One (1 of 5), 2013.

Micah Lexier, still from This One, That One (5 of 5), 2013.

Micah Lexier: This, That, Those

Micah Lexier has a diverse art practice that blurs the distinctions between artist and curator. He has a deep interest in measurement, order, numbers, and the kinds of casual marks we make in everyday life, and in the presentation of these marks. With This, That, Those, Lexier has worked with Paul Butler, Curator of Contemporary Art, to create an installation where a constellation of artworks—both found and made—are in dialogue with each other. The exhibition reflects on the creative process of making and presenting art, and, like all of Lexier’s work, is not only a portrait of the artist, but of his practice as well.

Central to Micah Lexier: This, That, Those is a video-projected series of vignettes where the artist arranges, or as he describes it “responds to” objects from  his personal collection of found objects, most-often bits of cardboard. As the viewer, one might relate to our impulse to aesthetically arrange everyday objects that surround us - like we often do with books on a coffee table or office supplies on a desk. On the opposing wall from this projection is a large pedestal within a display case where Lexier has arranged highlights from his collection of found objects mixed with his own art works. Without any distinction between found and made objects, the philosophy of Marcel Duchamp comes to mind in that everything can be art, as long as an artist so chooses and presents it in an art gallery.

Finally, Lexier completes the exhibition by printing the necessary didactic material as a limited print edition free to the public. Designed by the artist, the newspaper is an artwork itself and includes an interview between the artist and curator Paul Butler.

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