Bertram Brooker, Sounds Assembling, 1928, oil on canvas, 112.3 x 91.7 cm, Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery, L-80

George Agnew Reid, The Story, 1890, oil on canvas, 123 x 164.3 cm, Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery; Gift from the Hugh F. Osler Estate, G-47-164

JUNO Tour of Canadian Art

To celebrate the JUNO Awards taking place in Winnipeg in March 24-30, 2014, The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) is partnering with the Winnipeg Art Gallery in an innovative project that pairs great Canadian art with great Canadian music. Now in its fourth year, The JUNO Tour of Canadian Art is an exhibit that takes place at a high-profile art gallery in the host city to the JUNO Awards. 2014 JUNO Award nominees and/or past winners select works within the gallery’s Canadian collections that serve as personal or artistic inspiration. Their response is video recorded, and displayed in the gallery next to their chosen piece on screen and via a gallery label, as a part of The JUNO Tour of Canadian Art (JTOCA).

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Dean Brody • 3 Nominations
As the reigning CCMA Male Artist of the Year, the seven-time CCMA Award winner and now, three-time JUNO Award nominee has garnered ample acclaim for his songwriting from both audiences and peers, and has amassed considerable mainstream media attention. Named 2013’s #1 Most Played Canadian Artist at Country radio for the third consecutive year, the BC born, Nova Scotia based singer/songwriter released his fourth album Crop Circles on November 5, and debuting at #1 on the iTunes Canada Country Album chart.

Fred Penner • 9 Nominations, 2 Wins
From the small screen to the live stage; from writing songs to composing scores; this seasoned Manitoban performer’s ability to blend his considerable talents has garnered critical acclaim and a host of awards, including the Order of Canada. Like the precious ingredients in your favourite feel good soup, his combination of warmth, ease, enthusiasm and grace bring nourishment too often lacking in these turbulent times.

John K. Samson • 2 Nominations
John K. Samson is the singer and songwriter for The Weakerthans. His solo album, Provincial, and book, Lyrics and Poems,1997—2012, were released in 2012. He lives in Winnipeg, Treaty One Territory, where he’s the managing editor and co-founder of ARP Books, a small publishing house. John is also an Adjunct Professor in the Creative Writing department at the University of British Columbia.

Monster Truck • 2 Nominations, 1 Win
There’s something comforting about a band name that delivers exactly what you expect to hear. Born in 2008 in Hamilton, from the ashes of various Canadian Indie bands, Monster Truck began as a sonic affront to the very industry its members were bred from.

Royal Canoe • 1 Nomination
A six-piece ensemble from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Royal Canoe give you everything, but on their own maniacally hybrid terms. If you really, absolutely had to reduce Royal Canoe to a single ‘thing’ you could say they catch the moment of explosive, blissful restlessness that hits you when a savage winter finally eases into light, and you feel some actual warmth on those pasty, vitamin-D deprived limbs and all they want to do, suddenly, is move.

The Pack A.D. • 1 Nomination
Now signed to Nettwerk Records, the Vancouver duo is poised to make the crucial breakthrough long predicted by the fawning Canadian music press and presaged by the ever-swelling ranks of its faithful fan base. Formed in 2006 and following four releases – Unpersons (2011), We Kill Computers (2010), Funeral Mixtape (2008), Tintype (2008) – The Pack is an act that’s earned its current “bubbling under” status the old-fashioned way: by showing up and showing the people the goods one city and one new fan at a time and then coming back, time and again, with even more to offer.

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