Through the Eyes of a Child

Children’s art is important. When we value and celebrate our children’s creativity they learn that creativity is valuable. They also learn that their thoughts and feelings are worthy of expression. The children whose inherent artistry we nurture today grow to be the adults of tomorrow; the artists, patrons and individuals, who appreciate the role of art and art education in our culture. Art education teaches students many things including resourcefulness, problem-solving and the depth and richness of the human imagination.

Children’s art has a natural power and dignity; a fearlessness and honesty that is characteristic of the young mind.  The youngest have not yet learned to cloak their feelings or to censor their thoughts. It pours out, unedited, onto the paper or into the clay. There is a freshness and vitality that shines through children’s art and engages us in many ways. It is difficult to not be struck, charmed and inspired by the exuberance and sincerity with which children perceive and describe the world they are coming to know. These are qualities that often fade as our minds and hearts become weighed down with adult concerns. In fact, many adult artists spend years struggling to regain the magical qualities that flow so freely in children’s art. Those of us who work with children on a regular basis are fortunate to catch many glimpses of what it is like to see through their eyes.   

Through the Eyes of a Child is an eagerly anticipated, annual event that highlights the creations of the broad and varied community of young people that attend art classes at the Winnipeg Art Gallery each fall and winter. The 800, or so, artists whose work appears in this exhibition range from 5 to 17 years of age. They come from across the city, and beyond the perimeter highway. They represent a wide array of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. The work on display is tangible proof of the dynamic energy that flourishes in our Studio Programs and of the importance the Gallery places on the nurturing and appreciation of youthful creativity.

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