Almeric Walter

French, 20th century

Inkstand, c. 1925


5.6 x 12 cm

Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery; Gift of Kathleen and A. Lorne Campbell

2005-5 ab


Glass, Decorative Arts Glass

An important glassmaker of the early twentieth century, Almeric Walter initially worked for Daum from 1906 to 1914 before setting up his own shop in 1919 in the same city of Nancy, France. Walter was a master of the pâte-de-verre technique, and this became the specialization of his production. Pâte-de-verre is literally glass paste—glass ground to a powder with a flux medium added to assist in the melting. After the addition of colour, the mixture is placed into a mold and fixed through firing. Walter’s works are noted for their post-firing carving, as well as the manipulation and integration of multiple colours. This skill is noted in the strong naturalism evident in the two WAG pieces, which feature insects among foliage, one of Walter’s favourite subjects.

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