Canadian Art

Canadian Historical (1800-1910)

The WAG holds an important range of historical Canadian art dating from the mid-1820s. Numbering close to 200 works, this segment of the collection has been built over the years through generous and discerning donations from collectors in Winnipeg.

The historical Canadian collection is anchored by the work of artists such as Peter Rindisbacher, Paul Kane, W. Frank Lynn, Frederick Verner, and William G.R. Hind that portray exploration, cross-cultural contact, and settlement in 19th century Manitoba and pictorially chart the evolution of artistic trends and aesthetic sensibility in the province. Women, such as Mary Riter Hamilton, Lucile Casey MacArthur, and Marion Nelson Hooker confirm Manitoba’s growing art scene in the late-nineteenth century.

The WAG also brings together a strong selection of paintings, drawings, and prints from the Confederation period by artists from other regions of the country. Works range in subject matter and styles, from genre scenes by Cornelius Krieghoff and Robert Todd, to luminary landscapes by John Hammond, Otto Reinhold Jacobi, Lucius O’Brien, and Homer Watson, to portraits in the French Academic manner by Robert Harris, George Reid, and William Raphael. The WAG’s 19th century Canadian collection is capped off, and the modern era heralded, with a robust sampling of early Impressionist landscapes by J.W. Morrice and Maurice Cullen.

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