Jörg Stocker, attributed to

German, 1485–1512

Adoration of the Magi, c. 1510

oil on panel

196.4 x 136.3 cm

Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery; Gift of Lord and Lady Gort



Painting, International Art

Attributed to the German master Jörg Stocker, this magnificent Adoration scene, a highly popular subject in late Gothic and Renaissance art, reads like a delightful narrative. In the distant grounds, Stocker records the long journey of the Magi to the Holy Family in the stable, marked by the golden star. Serving as allegorical representations of the three known continents, Africa, Asia, and Europe, the Magi or Wise Men also personify three ages of humankind: the young, dark-skinned Balthazar (to the right), the middle-aged Melchior (to the left), and the grey-haired Caspar on bended knee. In his depiction of the sumptuous attire worn by the Magi, Stocker also showcases the city of Ulm’s locally produced and famous silk and wool products. Stocker and his pupil, Martin Schaffner, represent the late Gothic painting tradition in Ulm, which was greatly shaped by the work of Martin Schongauer.

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