Naomi Ityi

Canadian, 1928–2003

Untitled, c. 1973

Wool felt, embroidery floss on wool duffle

70.5 x 73 cm

Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery; Gift of the Women's Committee



Textile, Inuit

In 1970 Naomi Ityi was one of the first women in Baker Lake to create small pictures from wool scraps left over from earlier clothing projects. These were referred to as wall hangings and, with the establishment of the Baker Lake Sewing Shop in the spring of 1971, they soon became recognized as fine art creations. Ityi’s works are characterized by a number of stitching types that give varying textures to her figures. Blanket stitches create regular rows of rectangular shapes on some of her animals, while V-shaped herringbone stitches emulate scales on a fish. Satin and chain stitches create a riot of non-naturalistic colour on other creatures. The animals swirl around static human figures in an infectious chaos of colour and form.

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